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Siberians - enhanced web development team with strong skills for solving hard problems.

Who we are

Siberians - a team of high talented developers who joined together to find and solve problems across the world. We passed the road from young developers in local companies to senior developers in multiregional projects. Then we united to create a high class outsource development company.

Below you can find a little about what we good at and how we work. We have a tech blog where we share details of our current activities. You can find us and make a contact on LinkedIn. Of course, you can send us Email or use a contact form on this site if you want to know more!

What we do


We have experience working with Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Java, Mule, Go-lang (and more) for more than 10 years. We specialize in development of high-reliable, distributed and performant systems and web applications.

Mobile APIs

We develop RESTfull mobile APIs. We always keep in mind that a good API must be easily extendable, properly versioned and well documented.

Data processing

We have a great experience of building data processing services including fintech applications, transactional processing, payments processing and more.


We struggle to automate all our infrastructure, systems administration and development support tasks. We use cloud solutions (like AWS) and modern DevOps practices. We can build secure standard compliant architectures.


We believe that good analytics is the key to success. We deploy monitoring, event streaming and alerting solutions to be aware of whats happening in your applications.

Open Source

We love and respect open source community. It gives us many great tools which help to solve many problems. And we give back by sharing our knowledges in blog and making pull requests on GitHub.

How we do


We provide remote development and consulting services. The cost of a member of our team starts from $4K for a full month.


We carry out the development of your projects and help solve all the technical tasks necessary for the launch and operation of your product.


We audit your product, find solutions to existing technical problems and advise on their elimination.


We provide support and help to scale, grow and improve your project.

On demand

We are open to cooperation with startups, corporate clients, web agencies and other interested parties.

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